The OICBT has made virtual reality – an innovative and effective way of treating certain anxiety disorders and phobias – available to its clients through the OICBT Virtual Reality Program.

Much like virtual reality in other realms such as gaming, the OICBT Virtual Reality Program makes use of virtual headsets and software. This allows the client to virtually experience situations that are related to their anxieties or fears. Consistent with best practice in treating anxiety-related disorders and phobias, the OICBT Virtual Reality Program allows clients and their therapists to work through anxiety-provoking situations in a much more “real world” manner than was previously possible.

Contact information

Please click here to download a fact sheet about our Virtual Reality Program.  We also have a brochure available here for health professionals who would like to pass on information to their patients To make an appointment, please complete our Appointment Request Form. If you have any questions please contact us by phone (613-820-9931, ext. 0) or by email at