An important goal of our institute is to provide high-quality training and supervision in CBT.  Our team has a wealth of experience working with students and health professionals, including practicum students in clinical and behavioural psychology, family medicine, psychiatry and psychology residents, as well as autonomously practicing professionals. We currently offer the following training and supervision options:


Predoctoral Practicum in Clinical Psychology
We offer a number of practicum placements for clinical psychology doctoral students.  To apply for a practicum you will be required to submit the academic requirements for your program and your CV.  Opportunities available to practicum trainees are diverse, with a number of training experiences and rotations possible, including: intensive assessment, general mood and anxiety, DBT training, intensive OCD treatment, home- and community-based treatment and program development and evaluation. For further information about the practicum placement opportunities, please contact our practicum training director, Dr. Cathy Dandurand, at 613-820-9931 x234 or at


Undergraduate Practicum in Behavioural Psychology
Students completing a degree in behavioural psychology are welcome to apply for a 4-month placement at the OICBT.  Behavioural psychology students are integrated primarily into our home- and community-based program and intensive day treatment program.  Requests for a placement are coordinated through your academic program. For further information about this training option the undergraduate practicum practicum placement opportunities, please contact Dr. Cathy Dandurand at 613-820-9931 x234 or at


Predoctoral Residency in Clinical Psychology (2019-2020)
We will be offering three pre-doctoral residency positions in clinical psychology for 2019-2020.  For more information please download our Residency Announcement and our Residency Brochure. The training director for the residency program is Dr. Owen Kelly (613-820-9931 x232;


Postdoctoral Supervision
We are actively involved in supervising psychologists during their supervised practice year with the College of Psychologists of Ontario. Our experience with a number of current and past supervised practice psychologists allows for the critical mass necessary to offer peer consultation and group supervision as supervisees complete the registration process. In addition, we are able to ensure that there is clear exposure to all competencies including supervision on supervision, evaluation, program development, clinical work, and consultation.  


Workshops for Health Professionals
Each year we provide workshops for health professionals on different CBT-related topics.  These workshops usually take place over a 6-week period and are open to all health professionals.  Below is a description of some of the workshops that we provide:

  • Essentials of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - Level I: Learning CBT (download flyer)

  • Essentials of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - Level II: Implementing CBT (download flyer)

  • Exposure and Response Prevention for the Treatment of OCD (download flyer)

Click here for information on current and upcoming workshops.

For any questions regarding these training options or for further information please contact:

Dr. François Rousseau
411 Roosevelt Avenue, Suite 200
Ottawa, Ontario, K2A 3X9
Tel: (613)–820-9931 x: 226