The purpose of the intensive ADHD assessment service is to assess the possible existence of ADHD using standard clinical and cognitive tests. This service will be most helpful for individuals who are seeking clarification of a diagnosis of ADHD for the purpose of a medication consult with a treating psychiatrist, for treatment planning and for insurance or accommodation purposes.

The assessment involves the following:

  • Clinical intake interview with a Ph.D. student or Psychology Resident (working under the supervision of a clinical psychologist)

  • Completion and review of self-report symptom questionnaires

  • Review of school report cards (if available)

  • Intelligence- and memory-related cognitive tests that help to assess for the presence of attention-related deficits

  • 30-minute feedback session with a clinical psychologist and the assessor

  • Detailed report with results and follow-up treatment recommendations

  • Consultation with other professionals as needed to help with treatment needs and goals

The cost for this service ranges from $1,150 to $2,050. This fee is based on the number of hours needed for clinical sessions and assessment, report writing, interpretation of results and supervision by a psychologist. The face-to-face portion of the assessment will take approximately 6.5 hours.

Insurance coverage
This type of service is usually covered for individuals with extended health care benefits; however, we recommend that you follow-up with your insurance company to confirm this.

Contact Information

Please click here to download a fact sheet about our Adult ADHD Assessment program. To make an appointment, please complete our Appointment Request Form. If you have any questions please contact us by phone (613-820-9931, ext. 0) or by email at