Dr. Dandurand completed her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. Her theoretical approach implements a cognitive behavioural approach comprised of elements of schema therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, experiential, interpersonal, mindfulness, and dialectical behavioural therapy. Dr. Dandurand's practice (assessment, diagnosis, and treatment) is in the service of adult populations experiencing difficulties related to mood (depression, bipolar, post-partum depression, etc.), anxiety (social, generalized, health anxiety, specific phobias, panic, agoraphobia, etc.); obsessive-compulsive and related disorders (OCD, hair-pulling, skin-picking, body dysmorphic disorder, hoarding, etc.), post-traumatic stress disorder/trauma and abuse; eating disorders (e..g, AN, BN, overeating) and psychosis. Additionally, her practice focuses on working with individuals experiencing personality-related problems (e.g., borderline personality disorder), alcohol/substance use, grief counselling, relationship difficulties, self-esteem concerns, insomnia, and stress management. Dr. Dandurand collaboratively tailors her work to target clients' individual needs and strengths and has a vested interest in stigma-reduction related to mental health difficulties.

Contact: 613-820-9931 x234