The Core Beliefs Group focuses on identifying and challenging core beliefs that are related to problems with depression, anxiety and interpersonal situations. The focus of this group is to help individuals first identify their core beliefs and to then challenge these beliefs through the use of emotion-focused, cognitive and behavioral strategies.

The Core Beliefs Group consists of two different modules, with each module focusing on challenging a specific core belief.  The first module consists of eight sessions and lasts 1.5 hours in length. The second module consists of six sessions with each session lasting 3 hours. In order to participate in the program, participants need to commit to attending one module of the group.



Core Belief Group Level 1 (8 sessions)

  • Identifying core beliefs and related developmental origins
  • Examining the role of core beliefs in everyday interactions, health and well-being
  • Learning to challenge core beliefs through cognitive exercises

Making Behavioural Changes – Level II (6 sessions)

  • Identifying alternate behavioural responses to core beliefs
  • Practice making behavioral challenges in day to day life as core beliefs are triggered



This program is offered on Thursdays from 5:00 to 6:30pm.



The cost of each 1.5 hour group session is $50 and the 3 hour group costs $75.  Group participants are asked to commit to one module of treatment consisting of eight sessions.  


Insurance coverage

This type of service is usually covered for individuals with extended health care benefits; however, we recommend that you follow-up with your insurance company to confirm this.


Contact Information

Please click here to download a fact sheet about our Core Beliefs group.  For more information about our services or to make an appointment please contact us directly by phone (613-820-9931, ext. 0) or by email: