The Ottawa Institute of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (OICBT) was founded in 2009 and is both a treatment and training institute.  The OICBT is comprised of a number of clinical psychologists brought together by a common interest and expertise in providing therapy as well as professional training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). We offer individual, group and community and home-based therapy services to a broad age range of individuals, from children and youth, to adults and seniors.


Many of the members of the OICBT have been involved in hospital-based practice and have received in-depth training in the delivery of evidence-based treatments. We offer CBT workshops and are involved in training psychology, psychiatry and medical residents. Our team has a wealth of experience using the CBT model to treat psychological problems. 


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Oct 18, 2016
The OICBT offers 2 pre-doctoral residency positions in clinical psychology for 2017-2018.  For more information please download the ann...
Sep 8, 2016
We have a number of Ph.D. Clinical Psychology Students from the University of Ottawa who are able to see clients at reduced rates.  All...
Sep 8, 2016
We wil be offering a series of six sessions of edutcation for Family and Friends of individuals with depression and anxiety.  The cost ...
Sep 8, 2016
We are offering a CBT community and home based treatment program at the OICBT. Please see the attached fact sheet for more information.
Sep 8, 2016
Please see the attached poster for details about the adult ADHD assessment offered through the OICBT Training Program. Please note that we w...
Sep 28, 2016
We are now offering a series of training and supervision experiences for professionals. These sessions are focused on learning and practicin...
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